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A daughter, sister, friend, mom and business owner, Ingrid Austin, combines her stay-at-home status with her business expertise in a fun and inspirational way. She works with her clients to create one-of-a-kind customized stationery for all occasions. Armed with a BSE in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship Management from Columbia Business School, Ingrid has abandoned corporate America and has taken the unconventional path of being a work-from-home "mommypreneur" (of two businesses). With three small children and two small businesses, there are very few dull moments. Born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Orange, NJ, and now residing in Newark with her three children, Ingrid happily blogs about managing her "mommy business" (where she discusses the mommy aspect, the business aspect, and of course, trying to balance it all - visit this blog of hers at www.mommybusiness.wordpress.com), as well as some of the inspirations and thoughts behind her custom stationery creations (www.idstationery.wordpress.com). Ingrid is fluent in French and Haitian Creole (Kreyol) and enjoys reading, traveling, photography, swimming, running and creating/designing customized stationery.

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